Cookie policy

Awake Studio Consulting S.L. hereby informs you of the use of cookies on the webpage (hereafter the Webpage); if you continue to use the page, you are accepting the Cookie Policy and the Privacy Policy that we will explain afterwards.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small files or items that are installed on your computer through your browser to enable more fluid and personalised browsing.


Why do we use cookies?

With these cookies we can, for example, avoid having to start a session every time you visit a webpage, or they can enable us to know your preferences and show you advertising related with your interests (avoiding advertising that does not interest you).


What type of cookies are there?

To help you understand these devices, we shall list the different types of cookies that you can find, both those that require your consent and those which are necessary for the basic function of the Website.

Technical cookies: these are necessary and used strictly to enable you to browse the website. This type of cookies includes; for example, the cookies used to enter with your user data, to monitor the details entered by the user in online forms or those which are needed for the statistics of the website.


Cookies that are needed to offer a service specifically requested by you as a user: these would be the cookies that grant access to a private area in a website associated with your profile, the publication of content, a shopping basket, etc.


Third-party cookies for personalising advertising spaces or the use of Social Plugins: this type of cookies allows us to adapt the different advertising panels that appear on a website to your tastes and interests so that the whole Website is as personalized as possible in accordance with your specific characteristics.


In particular, the following cookies are used to navigate on the Webpage


  • Youtube- 2 years. Tipo Sesión. Propósito: Técnica.
  • Google Maps- 2 years. Tipo: Sesión. Propósito: Analytics.
  • Google Analytics – 1 year. Tipo Sesión. Propósito: Analytics.


Can I administer cookies?

As a user, you can access the preferences menu of your browser and configure it so that cookies are not installed, existing cookies are deleted or erased before starting to browse other pages of the Webpage.


Your browser has different options available in relation with the handling of cookies; basic functions, improvements to the webpage, personalization, advertising, etc. Depending on the browser you are using, the method for deactivating the cookies may vary. The most common option is to do it through the Options or Tools menu. In any case, we recommend that you check the configuration of the browser you are using.


We remind you that rejecting the installation of cookies may affect the service, preventing the correct use of part or all of it. Awake Studio Consulting S.L. Offers the possibility of accessing different third-party pages through its Website. If you select the option to access these pages, please read their Cookie Policy because, as they belong to third parties, Awake Studio Consulting S.L.. has no control or knowledge of the cookies they use on their pages.


We also inform you that you can deactivate the cookies managed by third parties by using the management pages for cookies such as Adobe Flash or Google Analytics.


In any case, we remind you that deactivating cookies can mean that some parts or sections of the Webpage cannot be used. Finally, we would like to remind you that if you delete the cookies from your browser you will probably have to reinstall them again in order to enjoy all the options offered by the Webpage.


Other aspects

If you continue to use the Webpage, it is assumed you have read this and authorised Awake Studio Consulting S.L.. to use the different types of cookies mentioned above, in order to be able to make full use of the Webpage. If you have any doubts or wish to ask us questions about the cookies we use, you can contact us by email


Updates to our Cookie Policy

We may modify this text in the future to adapt it to changes in the law or regulations or in response to instructions or resolutions adopted by the Spanish Data Protection Agency. For this reason, we advise you to read this text regularly to keep yourself informed about the latest version. In any case, should we make significant changes to this text, we shall announce this on the webpage or notify all registered users by email.


If you wish to obtain more information about the configuration of the different browsers, click on the one you are interested in:


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