Our mission

We believe in helping brands awaken their potential, to achieve success through insightful strategy and top-notch design

How we achieve it:
Awake Methodology

Benchmark & Research

Carrying out an in-depth study of the company and its direct competitors. Using SWOT Analysis and Visual Brand Driver to define the brand projection.

Brand strategy

Developing new Brand Value Propositions aligned with the company’s objectives as well as its core principles. Creating the Brand Statement.

Brand creation

Using creative mood-boards and insights from the Brand Audit to develop and define the new Brand Visual Identity.

Brand Deliverables

Developing final Brand Deliverables since the creation of the new brand. Defining the output of the brand application according to each client’s needs.

What we do best


Branding goes beyond the design of a new logo. As part of our main service offering, we specialise in the design and creation of:

Brand Management.

Nowadays with a brand’s management taking place almost entirely in a digital setting, it’s a necessity for everyone within an organisation to have quick and direct access to branding tools, guidelines and assets. We facilitate this by compiling an easy-access management system or ‘Brand Centre’, based on the cloud. This consists of:

Digital Design.

We give special attention to every single digital project, as we believe that success requires attention to every detail and this is where we stand out:

To create growth, we make connections through creativity, insights and technique

People come first.

Humans are at the centre of all of our work. Whether a client or user, people are the foundation of all of our ideas, strategies and outcomes, and we are constantly addressing the human element in all that we do. We instil this ethos amongst our team through the most powerful method; leading by example and taking care of our team.

Business Collaboration and Partnership.

To sustain our high standards of quality and attention to detail, while delivering as complete of a service as we possibly can, we develop partnerships and collaborate with studios, creatives, artists and the like.

Organisations we’ve worked with to
AWAKEN Their Brands


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