Stunning new guidelines for an industry leader
For this project we partnered with the Maltese Creative Hub, ‘The Authentic Brief’, under its creative direction we have collaborated on the development of this project for Alberta Group; the leader in Safety and Security in the country. One of the main objectives from the client was to revamp the brand without touching the current logo in order to achieve better brand positioning by modernizing their Brand Visual Language and brand layout. We started by redefining their own corporate claim: PREVENT / PROTECT. This was our starting point and we based all the visual construction on the new concept for the claim.
What we did

  • Branding
  • Guidelines
  • Iconography
  • Layout
  • Type

  • Security
  • Committed to the Community

    Alberta is fully committed to the community and families. We focus on this idea by representing the concept of protecting your “circle”; your loved ones and family, using the visual of the red circle which is part of the current logo. Based on that element, we structured the new layout, using the circle as an icon and reference point.

    In terms of typefaces, we strongly believed it was time to carry-out a proper change and start using modern typefaces that bring the correct balance between familiar yet bold communication with that modern touch to better connect with our new audiences.

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