A fresh new look for a classic real estate giant
This brand has been running in the real estate world for a long time and needed to reposition themselves amongst the top three contenders in the market. Gomendio both looks for and builds places that clients can call home – and we wanted to help them achieve that goal.
What we did

  • Branding
  • Layout
  • Strategy
  • Web
  • Type

  • Real Estate
  • The objective was to revitalise their visual language, in order to reposition the brand as a superior choice and present to their clients their most important values; experience, quality and commitment. These core values have been reflected visually in Gomendio’s design.

    Ration and Emotional concepts

    This concept is composed of two ideas. A rational one; construction, and the second one that connects with emotions; the home. Gomendio offers different types of homes; city or beach, large or small. So we designed a personalised and unique iconography for each one of the different services that they specialise in.

    Branding is like a good Paella

    Like a paella, a brand is composed of different elements that are indispensable. That is why we designed a new ‘look and feel’ for the website, keeping consistent with the strategy and philosophy of Gomendio, so as not to lose the importance of their core values. Finally, we completed the project with new stationery design and new resources for social media.

    “Different lives, all filled with memorable moments at home”

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