Tomás Postigo

Capturing all senses of a premium winery.
Tomás Postigo Winery was founded in 2008, in the prestigious region of the Ribera del Duero. Ever since, the founders have devoted all their efforts in developing new formulas responsible for creating the premium wine collection they are well known for. As part of the process in designing their new website, we saw the need for improving the quality of imagery in order to better reflect and position the brand as it should be. This proposal was presented as a case-study to the client, after which they decided not to execute. For this project, we partnered with the exceptional team of La Industrial experts in Product Photography.
What we did

  • Art Direction
  • Photography
  • Type

  • Wine
  • Art, Singularity & Family

    Our objective was to portray the wine as a piece of art, representing it’s uniqueness. Through artistry and creative direction we developed the first sketches and ideas in such a way that the wine would appear to be above all the other elements, following a still-life style of composition.

    We chose organic materials that had some part to play in the making of the wine, such as making a stand for the wine out of French oak, also used in the preservation process of the wine in the cellars, or the use of soil to represent the beginning stages of the wine-making process.

    The Essence of Fermentation

    The white wine still-life was designed to highlight the delicacy and refined quality of the different stages of the tasting notes. Every element in the picture represents all ingredients involved at every stage of the development of the flavour profile of the wine. To better represent qualities of boldness and depth of flavour of this premium wine, we chose to maintain a clear palette of orange, gold and browns across the picture, followed by an angular light that made the textures stand out.

    Tradition & Origin with Body & Soul

    The ‘Tomas Postigo 5º año’ still-life is designed to represent the development of the flavour profile in a visual way, presenting every element at each stage, within the image. As with the white, we continued along the same concept in order to create a duality between both images, following similar composition while using different shades of colour and featuring different elements. For example, in this case, the wine in the image is surrounded by the same vines where the grapes that produce it, grow.

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